Tips on How to Promote Your Handyman Business Online |

Promoting your services on the internet is one of the first things you should consider when you start a handyman business. You probably think a hands-on business like this doesn’t benefit from online promotions, but you might be surprised. Having a solid online presence allows more potential customers to find you and learn more about your business. Here are a few things you can do to start promoting your business online.Social NetworksMost people have at least one account on a social network. When you start a handyman business, posting about it on a social network helps people find out it exists, and that you’re ready to take on job requests. You can start promoting your business in your own circle of Facebook friends or Twitter followers, then start expanding from there. You can create a Facebook page for your business and ask your friends to “Like” and “Share” it, or create a separate Twitter account for your business. You can post about updates, promos, recent achievements or completed jobs, and share links to photos or videos related to your business.

The great thing about social networks is they’re free. You don’t have to spend money on your handyman business’ social network promotions, unless you’re hiring someone to do it for you.Handyman DirectoriesPeople used to flip through big telephone directories to find a handyman business, but these days, people just search for them on the internet. There are many directories listing handymen business addresses, telephone numbers, and other contact information. Having your details listed in these directories helps customers in your area find you easily.BlogsBlogging is a popular way to promote businesses online. When you start a handyman business, consider making a blog to display your projects and photos of your work. You can even provide tips and advice for other handymen who want to emulate your success. You can set up a free blog on websites like Blogger or WordPress, or host one on your own domain.Your Own Business WebsiteThe best way to promote your handyman business online is through your own website. You can have a professional web development firm create it for you if you don’t have the time or skills to do it yourself.

Your website should show potential clients your contact information, your qualifications, and examples of your work. Your website’s design should be simple yet nice to look at, and should display important information clearly and concisely. Consider including a bulleted list of areas you cover, or display a map to make it easier for clients to see the areas you service.Even if you offer area-specific services, it is important to establish your online presence as a handyman. The internet is the best place to find clients, especially if you just started and don’t have a lot of connections or customers yet. Make sure to put some effort into your online promotions as soon as you launch your business.

Small Business Advertising – Top 7 Tips For Advertising Your Small Business Online |

Want some tips on how to market your small business online effectively, while capturing tons of leads and sales? Here are my top 7 tips for advertising your small business online and taking it to the next level:1. Only Go For Targeted TrafficNever buy untargeted traffic. Meaning, don’t use sources like safelists or traffic exchanges. They can bring you a little traffic, but most of it is untargeted. Which means it is a waste of time and money!2. Don’t Buy Packaged Leads

Packaged leads are another thing that you have to avoid like the plague. Vendors of these leads buy leads from other sources and resell them back to you. When the leads arrive to you, they are often a few days old or even a few weeks old. Which means they are unresponsive.3. Use Free Marketing When You CanAny revenue from free marketing is free profits for you. So make the most of free marketing tactics like article marketing and forum marketing.4. Volume Is The KeyVolume is a key factor, whether it’s writing articles, compiling a keyword list for pay-per-click marketing or even when marketing on forums. Sure, quality comes first, but without volume, there won’t be thousands of visitors coming in. And that’s what you want!5. Network, Network, NetworkNetwork online and go to as many seminars as possible. Form relationships with other entrepreneurs in your niche.

6. Pay-Per-Click Can Be Dangerous, In More Ways Than OneWhile pay-per-click advertising can lose you a lot of money if you are not careful, if you master it, PPC is a great way to market your business.7. Content Never FailsThe Internet lives and breathes on content. Keep on producing articles, write a blog and send your subscribers quality information. You will never be found wanting for money if you produce quality content!